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Tarot W

For Further Descriptions, sizes, etc., please email for details.

Important Note:  

Not all titles are available at all times!  If we are out of stock on a regularly carried order, we'd be happy to phone you when the item arrives.  Titles marked with an asterisk (*) are Special Orders. You may call the shop for availability (we sometimes have these titles in stock), if they are not in stock, we will be happy to place a special order for you.  Please refer to our Special Order page for information on how to order.

*WAKING THE WILD SPIRIT TAROT: Discover The Magic In Nature (78-card deck & 336-page book) Palin, Poppy $34.95 (currently in stock)

*WAY OF CARTOUCHE: An Oracle Of Ancient Egyptian Magic (with cards) (H) Hope, Murry $27.95

*WHEEL OF CHANGE TAROT (78, full-color cards and book) Genetti, Alexandra $35.00

WHIMSICAL TAROT DECK (78 cards & booklet; 2-3/4" x 4-3/4") Hanson-Roberts, Mary et al. $18.00

*WHIMSICAL TAROT SET (deck plus book) Morrison, Dorothy et al. $30.00 

*WHITE EAGLE MEDICINE WHEEL (24 card deck & book) (H) Wa-Na-Nee-Che & Harvey, Eliana $24.99 

WINGED SPIRIT TAROT DECK (78 cards; 3-3/8" x 4-3/4") Sexton, David $18.00 

*WISDOM WELL: Dip Into Your Subconscious To Foretell The Future (H-book & 36-card deck) Kahnhova, Ivarna $17.95 

*WITCHES RUNES: Insights From The Old European Magickal Traditions (25-card deck + book) RavenWolf, Silver et al. $29.95 

WITCHES' TAROT DECK (78 cards) Reed, Ellen Cannon & Martin $19.95 

WITCHES TAROT KIT (book & deck) Reed, Ellen Cannon $34.95 

WITCHY TAROT (deck of 78 full-color cards) Tuan, Laura & Platano, A. $14.95 

*WOLF PACK TAROT DECK (78 card deck & instruction card) Petro, Robert $24.95

*WOLF SONG CARDS (3" x 4-5/8"; 62 cards) Hartman, Lew $18.00 

*WOLF SONG DECK AND BOOK SET (78 card deck & book) Hartman, Lew & Spencer, J. $28.00 

*WONDERLAND TAROT DECK (78 cards; based on illustrations by Sir John Tenniel) Abbey, Christopher & Morgana $18.00 

*WORLD SPIRIT TAROT (book & 78 cards) O'Leary, Lauren & Godino, J. $24.95