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Tarot T

For Further Descriptions, sizes, etc., please email for details.

Important Note:  

Not all titles are available at all times!  If we are out of stock on a regularly carried order, we'd be happy to phone you when the item arrives.  Titles marked with an asterisk (*) are Special Orders. You may call the shop for availability (we sometimes have these titles in stock), if they are not in stock, we will be happy to place a special order for you.  Please refer to our Special Order page for information on how to order.

*TAO BOX (book & 50 cards) Hemenway, Priya $19.95 

*TAO CARDS (deck + spiral-bound book) Mickle, Kathryn et al. $29.95 

*TAO ORACLE: An Illuminated New Approach To The I Ching (book & card set) Padma, Ma Deva $24.95 

*TAPESTRY TAROT DECK (80 card deck; 4" x 5-1/4") Jensen, Yvonne G. $18.00 

*TAROT (2-3/4" x 3-1/4"; 85 full-color illustrations; includes mini deck) (minimum order=2) (H) Fairchild, Dennis $4.95 

*TAROT AFFIRMATIONS: For Positive Growth & Change (78-card deck) Hill, Sally et al. $20.00 

*TAROT ART NOUVEAU (1-2/" x 3" miniature size deck) Castelli, Antonella $9.95 

TAROT ART NOUVEAU DECK (78 cards; 2-5/8" X 4-3/4") Castelli, Antonella $19.95 

*TAROT BASICS BOOK AND GIFT SET (book & 78-card deck) Burger, Evelin & Fiebig, J. $14.95 

TAROT CLASSIC FORTUNE-TELLER GIFT SET (deck + book in slip case) Kaplan, Stuart R. $29.00 

TAROT CLASSIC (deck) $18.00 

TAROT CLASSIC FORTUNE-TELLER GIFT SET (deck + book in slip case) Kaplan, Stuart R. $29.00 

*TAROT DECK AND BOOK SET FOR DUMMIES (book and Rider-Waite deck) Jayanti, Amber $25.00

*TAROT DE PARIS (Book, 78-card deck & silk layout cloth) Thomas, J. Philip $29.95 

TAROT OF A MOON GARDEN (78 cards) Sweikhardt, Karen Marie $18.00 

*TAROT OF A MOON GARDEN SET (deck + book) Sweikhardt, Karen Marie $29.00 


 TAROT OF DRUIDS (78 card deck plus instruction booklet) Lupatelli, Antonio et al. $19.95 

*TAROT OF DURER (78 full-color cards & instruction booklet) Gaudenzi, Giacinto $19.95 

*TAROT OF GEMSTONES AND CRYSTALS (78-card deck) $20.00 

TAROT OF HELLEN DECK (78 card deck) Bernard, Valerie $20.00 

*TAROT OF LOVE DECK (major and minor arcana) Perry, Marcia $20.00 

*TAROT OF LOVE SET (deck & book) Perry, Marcia $31.00 



TAROT OF MERMAIDS (78 card deck) Alligo, Pietro et al. $19.95 

*TAROT OF OZ (78 card deck and 192-page mini book; boxed) Sexton, David $24.95 (currently in stock) 

TAROT PACK (Rider-Waite tarot deck + 128-pp book in slipcase) (reissue) Fronteras, Adam $24.95 

*TAROT OF THE AGES (78-card deck + bklt) Garizio, M. $18.00 

*TAROT OF THE ANIMAL LORDS (set of 78 full-color cards) Giannini, Angelo $19.95 

*TAROT OF THE CAT PEOPLE (78-card deck) Kuykendall, Karen $18.00 

*TAROT OF THE CAT PEOPLE SET (deck & book) Kuykendall, Karen $29.00 

*TAROT OF THE HIDDEN FOLK (78 cards & book) Gaudenzi, Giacinto $19.95 (formerly "The Enchanted Tarot" currently in stock)

TAROT OF THE IMAGINATION (78-card deck) Pinter, Ferenc $19.95 

*TAROT OF THE JOURNEY TO THE ORIENT (78 full-color cards & instruction booklet) Baraldi, Severino $19.95 

*TAROT OF THE MASTER (78 card deck and instruction booklet) Vacchetta, Giovanni $19.95 

*TAROT OF THE NEW VISION (78 card deck) Alligo, Pietro $19.95 

*TAROT OF THE NEW VISION (miniature deck of 78 cards plus instruction booklet) Alligo, Pietro $9.95 

TAROT OF The NORTHERN SHADOWS DECK (78 cards) Gainsford, Sylvia $20.00 

*TAROT OF THE NORTHERN SHADOWS SET (deck and book) Gainsford, Sylvia & Rodway, H. $34.00 (currently in stock)

TAROT OF THE OLD PATH DECK (78 full-color cards) Rodway, Howard & Gainsford, S. $20.00 

*TAROT OF THE OLD PATH SET (book & 78-card deck) Rodway, Howard & Gainsford, S. $40.00 

TAROT OF THE ORISHAS DECK (illustrated by Durkon) (77 full-color cards) Zolrak $19.95 

TAROT OF THE SAINTS (deck & book) Place, Robert M. $34.95 

*TAROT OF THE SAINTS (deck & book) (Spanish Version: TAROT DE LOS SANTOS) Place, Robert M. $34.95 

*TAROT OF THE SEPHIROTH DECK (78 card deck; 4-1/2" x 3" with instruction booklet) Staroff, Dan et al. $18.00 (currently in stock)

*TAROT OF THE SEPHIROTH (book & deck set) Staroff, Dan et al. $29.00 

*TAROT OF THE SPIRIT DECK Eakins, Joyce $18.00 

* TAROT OF THE SPIRIT SET (book and deck) (deck painted by Joyce Eakins) Eakins, Pamela $37.95 

TAROT OF THE 3RD MILLENNIUM (78 cards) Ghiuselev, Iassen $19.95 

*TAROT OF THE TRANCE DECK (2-7/8" x 5") Nitsche, Eva Maria $18.00 


TAROT OF THE WITCHES SET (deck & book) Hall, F. $24.00 

*TAROT OF TRANSFORMATION: Chart Your Own Course To Healing With Spiritual Awakening (bk+deck) Arlenea, Willow & Cori, J.L. $39.95

TAROT PACK (Rider-Waite tarot deck + 128-pp book in slipcase) (reissue) Fronteras, Adam $24.95

*TAROT SET (with book, cards & reading cloth) Lyle, Jane $12.98 

*TAROTS OF CASANOVA Raimondo, Luca $19.95 

*TAROTS OF THE GNOMES DECK (78 cards) Lupatelli, Antonio $19.95 

TAROTS OF THE ORIGINS (78 card deck) Toppi, Sergio $19.95 

TAROTS OF THE RENAISSANCE DECK (78 cards) Trevisan, Giorgio $19.95 

TAROTS OF THE SPHYNX DECK (78 cards; 2-5/8" x 4-3/4") Alasia, Silvana $19.95 

*TAROT SUTRA: An Intimate Guide To The Secret Language Of Sex (O-bk & 78-card boxed set) Canova, Patricia $30.00 

TAROT TO GO! (set with mini book and mini Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck) Peter Pauper Press $7.95 

*TAROT: The Complete Kit (with mini deck, fold-out mat, & 88-page book) Fairchild, Dennis $7.95

TAROT TOTAL (Rider Waite tarot with book "Pocket Guide to the Tarot") Hager, Gunter $28.00 

*TAROT UNIVERSAL DALI DECK Dali, Salvador $100.00

*TEA LEAF FORTUNE CARDS (book & 200 round cards) Hepburn, Rae $29.95 

TEMPLAR TAROT (79 card deck & booklet) Chester, Allen & Kelleher, D. $24.95

TINY TAROT KEYCHAIN, (Key chain + TINY UNIVERSAL WAITE TAROT DECK; case measures 1-5/8" x 2") Smith, Pamela Colman $7.00 

TINY UNIVERSAL WAITE TAROT (13/16" x 1-3/8"; coloring by Mary Hanson Roberts) Smith, Pamela Colman $5.00 

*TRANSFORMATIONAL TAROT DECK (100-card deck; illustrated by Peggy Gotthold) Gotthold, Shirley $29.95 

*TRANSFORMATIONAL TAROT Set (book and 100-card deck) (illustrated by Peggy Gotthold) Gotthold, Shirley $49.95 

TRIPLE GODDESS TAROT (book & 33 card deck) Lerner, Isha $35.00