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Tarot S

For Further Descriptions, sizes, etc., please email for details.

Important Note:  

Not all titles are available at all times!  If we are out of stock on a regularly carried order, we'd be happy to phone you when the item arrives.  Titles marked with an asterisk (*) are Special Orders. You may call the shop for availability (we sometimes have these titles in stock), if they are not in stock, we will be happy to place a special order for you.  Please refer to our Special Order page for information on how to order.

SACRED CIRCLE TAROT: A Celtic Pagan Journey (illustrated by Paul Mason) (book + deck) Franklin, Anna $34.95 

*SACRED PATH CARDS: Discovery Of Self Through Native Teachings (book + 44 card deck) Sams, Jamie & Childers, L. $36.00 

SACRED ROSE TAROT DECK Sherman, Johanna $18.00 

*SACRED ROSE TAROT SET (deck & book) Sherman, Johanna $29.00 

*SAINT DECK (50 card deck with instruction cards) Trump, Ann & Prioletti, Karen $24.95 

*SAINTS ORACLE (32 cards & instruction booklet) Donelli, Isa $9.95 

*SECRET TAROT (192-page book & 78-full color cards) (formerly THE RENAISSANCE TAROT) Lyle, Jane & Jones, Helen $25.00 

*SHAKESPEARE ORACLE: Call Upon The Timeless Wisdom Of The Bard To Predict Your Future (bk+cds) Llewellyn, A. Bronwyn $35.00 

*SHAMAN WISDOM CARDS (2-3/4" x 4-3/4"; 65 cards) Richesson, Leita $18.00 

SHAPESHIFTER'S TAROT (book + 81 full color cards illustrated by Lisa Hunt) Conway, D.J. & Knight, Sirona $29.95 

*SHIP OF FOOLS TAROT (book & 78 card deck) Williams, Brian $34.95 

*SHINING TRIBE TAROT: Awakening The Universal Spirit (book & 78-card deck) Pollack, Rachel $34.95 (currently in stock)

*SIBILLA ORACLE CARDS (52 card deck) Nizzoli, Marco $9.95 

*SMALLEST TAROT OF THE WORLD (22 Major Arkana of the Tarot of the Gnomes deck) Lupatelli, Antonio $9.95 

*SPANISH TAROT DECK (in Spanish & English) Kaplan, Stuart R. $18.00 

SPIRAL TAROT DECK (78 cards; 3-1/2" x 2-1/2") Steventon, Kay $18.00 

*SPIRAL TAROT SET (deck + book) Steventon, Kay $29.00 

*SPIRIT OF FLOWERS TAROT (78 card deck) Castelli, Antonella $19.95

*SPIRITUAL TAROT SET: Keys To The Divine Temple (22 Major Arcana cards and book) Wilson, Marie-Claire $32.99 

*STAIRS OF GOLD TAROT Tavaglione, Giorgio M.S. $20.00 

STARTER TAROT DECK (78 cards with interpretations & reverse meanings on each card) $18.00 (also see listings under "Aleister Crowley")

*STAR THAT NEVER WALKS AROUND: A Native American Tarot Package (book + deck) Bennett, Stella $34.95 

SWISS CROWLEY THOTH DECK- Pocket (78-card deck) $15.00 (also see listings under "Aleister Crowley") 

*SWISS TAROT SET (deck and book) $26.00 

*SWISS (1JJ) TAROT DECK (2-3/8" x 4-3/8") $18.00 

*SYMBOLON CARDS (cards measure 3-1/8" x 4-7/8"; includes instruction book) Ortan, Peter et al. $25.00