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Tarot P

For Further Descriptions, sizes, etc., please email for details.

Important Note:  

Not all titles are available at all times!  If we are out of stock on a regularly carried order, we'd be happy to phone you when the item arrives.  Titles marked with an asterisk (*) are Special Orders. You may call the shop for availability (we sometimes have these titles in stock), if they are not in stock, we will be happy to place a special order for you.  Please refer to our Special Order page for information on how to order.

PAGAN TAROT (deck of 78 cards plus instruction booklet) Pace, Gina et al. $19.95 

Pagan 2000 Tarot Set (deck, book and bag)

*PALMISTRY CARDS: The Secret Code On Your Hands (52 card deck) Mahabal, Vernon $16.95 

*PARACELSUS ORACLE CARDS (32 cards & instruction booklet) Di Roberto, Gina $9.95 

*PHANTASMAGORIC THEATER TAROT DECK (78 cards) Cameron, Graham $18.00 

* PHOENIX CARDS: Reading & Interpreting Past-Life Influences (book & 26-card deck) Sheppard, Susan $29.95

*POWER OF FLOWERS: An Archetypal Journey Through Nature (32 cards; 3-1/2" x 5") Lerner, Isha & Forkish, Karen $15.00 

*POWER OF FLOWERS DECK AND BOOK SET (78 card deck & book in boxed set) Lerner, Isha & Forkish, Karen $27.00 

*PYTHAGOREAN TAROT (book & deck) Opsopaus, John & Rho $39.95