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Tarot I, J, K

For Further Descriptions, sizes, etc., please email for details.

Important Note:  

Not all titles are available at all times!  If we are out of stock on a regularly carried order, we'd be happy to phone you when the item arrives.  Titles marked with an asterisk (*) are Special Orders. You may call the shop for availability (we sometimes have these titles in stock), if they are not in stock, we will be happy to place a special order for you.  Please refer to our Special Order page for information on how to order.

I AM ONE TAROT (deck & booklet; instructions in English, Spanish, & French) Britan, Maya $18.00 

*IBIS TAROT DECK Machynka, Josef $20.00 

* I CANI ORIGINALI (22 card deck; dog tarot) Menegazzi, Osvaldo $20.00 

*I CHING (deck of 64 cards plus instruction booklet) Donelli, Isa $9.95 

*I CHING HOLITZKN DECK: Based On The Ancient Wisdom Of China (114 pp bk & 64 cards) Holitzkn $20.00 

I CHING TAROT: A Game Of Divination & Discovery (book + 64 full-color trigram cards; boxed) Kwan Lau $29.95 

*INFINITE TAROT (booklet & 76 card deck) Kottke, Jolynn $22.00 

INSTANT TAROT READER (H-book & Enchanted Tarot deck) Farber, Monte & Zerner, Amy $29.95 

IRISH FAIRY CARDS: For Inspiration & Guidance (64-card deck & book) Moran, Jaya $32.95 

JUNGIAN TAROT (78-card deck) Wang, Robert $19.95 

KABBALAH CARDS (40 card deck in clear plastic box) Lancer, Bob $12.95 

KARMA CARDS: A New Age Guide To Your Future Through Astrology (36-card deck & book) Farber, Monte $14.95 

*KARMA ORACLE (33 cards & book) Alasia, Silvana $12.95 

*KARMA TAROT DECK Erfurt, B. $20.00