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"A Cauldron of Transformation!"

Spellcaster: Seven Ways to Effective Magic
A thrilling collection of magical wisdom.
Seven talented magical practitioners well-versed in their individual tradition and approach to the art have joined together to produce this invaluable guide to the art of spellcrafting. Much more than a do-it-yourself magic manual, the essays within this guide explore how magical energies operate and manifest, with an emphasis on the responsibilities and ethical issues that are part of the magical life.
Spellcaster addresses the theoretical and practical background of magic-exploring how magical energies operate and manifest. The seven essays represent different approaches and traditions-including Wicca, Hermetic Magick, Northern traditions, and freeform Natural Magick. The wisdom within these pages is meant to inspire and empower beginners and less experienced magic users, while offering thought-provoking and compelling commentary to experienced magicians.  
Song of the Star by Leah Whitehorse
Nature and Magic by Elen Hawke 
What Is Magick? by Martin White 
Occult Philosophy and Magic by Martin Duffy 
The Eightfold Ways of Magic by Anna Franklin 
Wild Enchantments by Poppy Palin 
Seeking Magickal Advice by Morgana SidheRaven
Wild Witch, Wiccan, Neo-Pagan, or Hermetic Magician-whatever spiritual path you follow, Spellcaster offers a thoughtful and helpful guide to the essentials of magical principles and practices.
Pre-order today and have "Spellcaster" either delivered to your door or pick up at the shop, hot off the presses! Morgana will be happy to autograph copies, please make note as to how you would like your book personalized when checking out. NEW- You don't need to open a paypal account to pay with paypal!
The first option will include shipping for those of you out of the area.



Spellcaster, Seven Ways to Effective Magic $14.95 plus $5.00 USPS Priority Shipping (Overseas orders please email for ordering information.)

Spellcaster, Seven Ways to Effective Magic $14.95 plus $5.00 USPS Priority Shipping (Overseas orders please email for ordering information.)


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