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  Spell Stitchers

Monthly "Spell Stitchers" Knit and Crochet Circle

   Knitting and crocheting is a very entrancing  form of knot magick.  With every stitch an intention, affirmation or prayer can be added, creating an item filled with positive magickal energy . 

   Knitting has again become popular-- celebrities like Julia Roberts, Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz and Russell Crowe can be found knitting between takes on movie sets!  (Julia Roberts even had one of her designs published, click here for details.)

   The goal of this get together is to create hand-made items to be donated to various charity organizations throughout the city, as well as share ideas, learn new techniques, and enjoy good company. 

   Can't knit or crochet but would love to learn?  Myself and others would be happy to teach the basics.  Bring a pair of knitting needles or crochet hook (hint: large needles and hooks will make larger stitches, which are easier to see when you are learning) and a skein of yarn. 

   Can't knit or crochet, but you do other forms of needlework? Come and join us! All forms of needlework are welcomed, and even if you only have basic sewing skills, we can use your help when stitching items together.

   We would also be happy to accept donations of supplies-- yarn, needles, hooks, stitch markers, patterns, etc.-- to help with the costs of making the items for donation.  We will be meeting once a month.  Donations of supplies may be dropped off any time at the shop during business hours. 

   So come by, share your favorite tips, teach someone, or just relax with others of a like mind and do something to help the less fortunate.  This circle is open to everyone, male and female.  Light refreshments will be served.  You must sign up in advance, either call or stop by to be added to the list.  Deposits are not required to hold a space. 

   Please note: this is not a ritual, it is an informal get together.  In the future, we may host special "Spell Stitchers" rituals, for group participants only. 

    First meeting, 25 February, 7:30pm.  It was decided that we will create shapes to be sewn together into various sized blankets. These will then be given to charities in the area. The shapes can be any size and shape (such as rectangles or squares), as long as they can be added to others to create a blanket shape. Please use acrylic, worsted weight yarn for your shapes. Any colour or pattern is acceptable, as long as you adhere to the yarn requirements. Let your imagination and magickal energy take over and create from the heart! 

We have set up a "Morgana's Chamber Spell Stitchers" email list to announce meeting dates and times, chat, share online resources, and keep up to date on projects, and planning. Click on the Yahoo Groups box here to sign up.    

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Morgana's Chamber
242 West 10th Street
(Between Hudson and Bleecker)
NY, NY 10014

We are conveniently located in Greenwich Village. Just steps from the M8 bus, the 1 or 9 train, Christopher Street station and the NJ Path Train, Christopher Street station. If you  would like further directions, please call the shop during business hours.

Tuesday - Friday, 2 PM - 8 PM
Saturday, 1 PM - 8 PM
Sunday, 1 PM - 6 PM
Closed Mondays

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