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Previous events at Morgana's Chamber

Here are some photos from the 1st Annual Samhain Witches Ball in Westchester...

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Morgana & Danny          The Staff at Danny's Cafe.Com

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If you have pictures of any of our past events and would like to see them on our site, please email them to:

  Morgana and Fiona Horne, January 2002, at the shop after her fabulous lecture.





A very pregnant Morgana with Patricia Monaghan in November 1999.  Morgana gave birth to her daughter less than two weeks later!




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Morgana's Chamber
242 West 10th Street
(Between Hudson and Bleecker)
NY, NY 10014

We are conveniently located in Greenwich Village. Just steps from the M8 bus, the 1 or 9 train, Christopher Street station and the NJ Path Train, Christopher Street station. If you  would like further directions, please call the shop during business hours.

Tuesday - Friday, 2 PM - 8 PM
Saturday, 1 PM - 8 PM
Sunday, 1 PM - 6 PM
Closed Mondays



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