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Out of Print Tarot and Fortune Telling Decks


Order, call us at: 212.243.3415 during business hours (see below) for more information. 

Interested in selling your decks?  Call us!  We buy used, out of print and rare books and decks.

The following is a listing of out of print, rare, and imported tarot and fortune telling decks available at the shop.  Please call for more details.

Tarot Decks

Animal Tarot (two decks available) $30 SOLD

Artist's Inner Vision with bag and book $40

Astral Tarot $20  SOLD

Astro-Tarot Deck $20  SOLD

Barbara Walker $16  SOLD

Blue Rose Tarot with bag $40  SOLD

Carto Mancie $100

Deva Tarot $20

Future Solleone $120

Gareth Knight $16

Glastonbury Tarot (set, book and deck)  $35

Graphik Tarot $15  SOLD

Hachette Publication $20  SOLD

I 55 Tarocchi Di Alan $40

I Tarocchi Dei Colori (limited edition) $40  SOLD

I Tarocchi Della Zingara $25

Las Huellas Hispania $20  SOLD

Le Nouveau Tarot De Marseille $20 SOLD

Liguria Piemontese $120

Ludvig Tarot $20

Mage: The Ascension Tarot $25  SOLD

Papus Tarot $14

Prediction Tarot and Book $30  SOLD

Roger Zanoni- For an Inner Journey $30  SOLD

Royal Tarot $20 

Setian Tarot (Temple of Set) $45  SOLD

Tarocchi Universali $30 (two decks available)

Tarocco Esoterico $40  SOLD

Tarot de St. Jacques $50

Tarot of Initiation $35  SOLD

Tarot of the Cloisters $25 (3 decks available)

Tarot Tutor $25  SOLD

Tarot 22 with bag $20  SOLD

The Gothic Tarot (mystic eye pub.) $20

The Magic Tarot $45

The Stone Tarot $30  SOLD

Yannick Moure $52  SOLD

Fortune Telling Decks

Black Cat Fortune Telling Game $35  SOLD

Fortune Telling Cards $55  SOLD

Fortune-Telling Psychic Cards $10 

Goddess Guide Me Oracle $35

Gypsy Oracles for the Drawing Room $250  SOLD

Hand-made Circus Cards $5  SOLD

Jennifer Sands Fortune Telling Love Deck $10

Jeu Lenormand $10  SOLD

La Vera Sibilla $10  SOLD

Revelation Cards $10  SOLD

The Goddess Wisdom Cards $40

Unicorn Fortune Telling Cards with book $20

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Morgana's Chamber
242 West 10th Street
(Between Hudson and Bleecker)
NY, NY 10014

We are conveniently located in Greenwich Village. Just steps from the M8 bus, the 1 or 9 train, Christopher Street station and the NJ Path Train, Christopher Street station. If you  would like further directions, please call the shop during business hours.

Tuesday - Friday, 2 PM - 8 PM
Saturday, 1 PM - 8 PM
Sunday, 1 PM - 6 PM
Closed Mondays



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