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Oils can be used to anoint a candle, perfume your bath, add to charm bags, wear as a perfume, use in an aromatherapy burner and more!

In addition to the oils listed below, we can obtain many, many more blends and botanicals.  Please ask if you have a special need --  Morgana has access to witches  formulary's from all over the world through her many contacts, so it is possible for us to whip up a batch of what you are looking for!

Morgana's Chamber is an advocate of animal rights. All our oils are cruelty-free, and do not contain any animal derived products!

"Potions from Morgana's Cauldron" are a full line of original recipe oils hand-made by Morgana. These oils are made one bottle at a time, following the proper astrological correspondences. Many of these magickal blends contain herbs, flowers barks and/or mineral gems to enhance their individual virtue. Once the blend is finished, it is charged with Reiki energy. (Morgana is a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher. If you'd like a better understanding of what Reiki is, please see our "Reiki Healing" page.) Those who have tried Morgana's custom blends know the amazing results, and now everyone can enjoy them! $13 for a 1/2 ounce bottle. (As more blends become available they will be added to this page. If you don't see it, ask!)

Potions From Morgana's Cauldron
Oil Use
Aphrodisiac This blend is used to fuel passions.
Attraction Can be used to attract love, money, or good luck.
Avalon Avalon incense is our most popular blend. This is the oil form, used to connect with the ancient Isle of Avalon. A Faery blend.
Banishing Banish any unwanted energies
Cleansing Use this oil to cleanse tools, people, or places of negative energy.
Come to Me Hot, sexy blend to draw love. Use with care!
Command and Compel This blend will help you command the respect you deserve. Caution: if you haven't done the work, you will not see results.
Communication Designed to help open communication channels. Good to use for relationship problems, where there is a lack of communication, or misunderstanding.
Confidence and Courage This blend will give you an added boost of confidence and courage when you need it most.
Consecration Bless and consecrate tools, people, objects, and places.
Creativity Enhances creativity.
Dragonbane This is Morgana's recipe as found in "Silver's Spells for Protection" by Silver RavenWolf. A strong protection oil.
Dragon's Blood Made with real dragon's blood resin.
Everlasting Joy Happiness blend. Great for families, couples, house blessings, and handfastings.
Gateway to Faerie This blend was first given to Morgana during a Faerie visitation. It helps facilitate a connection to the Faery realm, enabling contact with the Fae.
Glamour Use for self confidence and focus.
Inner Peace This blend can be used for meditation, serenity, and to bring peace to any situation.
Job Hunt Helps bring luck to any interview or job hunt.
Kindly Spirit Invoke the aid of the spirits.
Magick Use to boost magickal work and to add a little bit of magick to any working.
Magnet Magnet oil is used to draw love or money. Contains lodestones and iron filings.
Money Draws needed money
Prosperity Attracts prosperity.
Protection All purpose protection blend.
Seduction Super-charged sex blend! Promotes passion. Use with care!
Spell Breaker Potent blend that breaks all manner of spells and hexes.
Success Used to bring success to all your endeavours.
Venus Planetary-- love and money.
Wishes Special blend that aids in making wishes come true.
Witches Love Morgana's powerful Love blend. Beware, this is strong stuff!
Witches Sight Use this blend for all psychic work. Great for scrying, divination, or developing psychic abilities


The following oils are blended for us by Witches in the Midwestern US, using the proper moon and astrological phases.

To insure freshness, we purchase in small quantities, making frequent orders. If an oil is out of stock, it will generally take 1-2 weeks to re-stock. Our oils are sold for magickal use only. DO NOT INGEST! Remember to use care when handling oils if you have allergies, are pregnant or planning to be, or if you are nursing. Please keep oils out of the reach of children and animals. For further reading on the subject and use of magickal oils check out Morgana's recommended titles: Helping Yourself with Magickal Oils A-Z by Maria Solomon, Magical Aromatherapy by Scott Cunningham, Queen D's Fairy Recipe Book by Queen D, The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews by Scott Cunningham. To see even more titles, please check out our Herb book section. (coming soon!)Our oils are safe to use on the skin, but please use caution if you have allergies, or are pregnant or breastfeeding.  When in doubt, consult a Doctor first.

New Low Price!  1/2 Ounce Bottle now $9.00 was $15.00!  
One Dram size has been discontinued.

COMING SOON... To Order, just call us at: 212.243.3415 during business hours (see below) or email for more information.  We are diligently working to get our site operational for online ordering, and hope to have it running soon!Please note that the uses we have listed are some of the more traditional uses for each oil.  There may be other uses, and we suggest you check some of the resources above for additional information.




Gum arabic, used for protection, psychic power.


Love, happiness, protection, strength.

Apple Blossom

Used for love and healing.


Used for love and glamour magick.




Attracts money, and is uplifts mood.

Black Cat

Used for good luck.


All-purpose blend used to bless objects and people, as well as a thank you offering for blessings received.


Used for protection and healing.

Conquering Glory

Used to remove obstacles, and ensure success.


Healing and fertility.


Healing and protection.

Dark Musk

Attraction, aphrodisiac.


Use when performing any divinatory  task.

Faerie Dance

Faerie magick blend.

Fast Luck

Brings the user fast luck.


Love, peace, healing.


Love, protection, healing.


Brings happiness, and overcomes depression.


USed for all types of Healing work.

Healing Heart

Heals pain connected with love.

High John

Good luck, success.

House Blessing

Clears the home of negativity and brings blessings in.


Love, protection, happiness.


Used to attract inspiration, and build confidence.


Love, money, psychic power


Planetary- good luck, success


Love, protection, peace, tranquility, cleansing, healing.


Purification, love, friendship.


Cleansing, proteciton.




Use to attract love.

Love Potion #9

Sexy Aphrodisac.


Planetary- communication


Money, healing, protection.


Attraction, lust.




Love, divination, luck, money.


Money, lust.

Peaceful Home

Use to promote a peaceful atmosphere in the home.


Healing, protection, money, cleansing. 


Luck, money.

Romance and Marriage

Attracts romance and marriage.


Love, psychic power, healing, luck, protection, house blessing.

Rose Geranium

Protection, breaks hexes.


Protection, wishes, healing, spirituality. 

Special Favours

Use for luck and success, and as an offering, when you have a special request.

Sweet pea

Friendship, courage, strength.


All-purpose uncrossing blend, removes hexes.


Love, lust, psychic power.


Love, protection, purification, peace, money, healing.


Love, hex-breaking, luck, money, peace.


Protection, luck, love, lust, wishes, peace, healing, wisdom, faeries.


All-purpose psychic power blend.


Protection, good luck.

Ylang Ylang

Love, peace, balancing.

For information on how you can have Morgana custom-blend incense, oil or herbal charms suited to your goals, please click here.

If would like a custom prepared spell, suited to your individual needs, consider a Spell Consultation with Morgana.  Click here for details.

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