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Favorite Links

We will be compiling a page of our customers websites between now and the end of 2004. Hurry and email your URL to: so that we can get you added to our site. Please note: we will only list sites of a positive, life-affirming nature. No 'adult' sites, hate sites. Also, in order to get listed on our page, you will have to place a reciprocal link on yours. After the first of the year, the updates will take place at the webmistress' whim, so hurry and get your link in now!

The following links are provided for your enjoyment!

Resources, Information and Networking Sites

Avalonia UK networking site. This site has an online version of "A Modern Herbal" by Mrs. M. Grieve, as well as other useful herbal information.

Children of Artemis Witchcraft and Wicca A UK based informational site.  Tell them Morgana sent you!

Listing of Metaphysical Stores Around The World  Happily someone took a cached copy of this site and added it to their site. The original webmistress, Adele "Queen" Petrocco was a loving, giving, gentle soul  who gave of herself freely. Adele was a friend, created our very first website, helped us keep the site up to date, as well as helped out with various events at the shop. She gave the Pagan community and the web a great gift, that I'm happy to see has not been lost. May she find peace within the arms of the Goddess she so loved and served.

Net Witch is a UK based networking site.

NYC Pagan Resource Guide Find out what's going on the the NYC area Pagan community. Areas for networking, listing your events and more!

Pagan Festivals UK Caduceus festival in the UK. Home of APRIS - a UK and European organization which campaigns for Acceptance of Pagan Religions In Society. Also great for networking in the UK.

Pete's Helpful Pagan Site NYC and area Pagan networking, events, groups, links and more!

The Connecticut Wiccan and Pagan Network CT based networking, be sure to check out their great events if you are in the area.

The Pagan Federation This is the home page for the Pagan Federation, UK. If you are a Pagan in the UK, this is the place to go on the web for info, networking and events.

So you wanna be a Witch?  Great info for those just starting out.

Wicca UK  Great resource for Wiccans in the UK, with a newsletter, networking and classes.  If you're going to London, this is the place to check out what's going on.  Tell them Morgana sent you!

The Witches Voice An informative and fun site filled with what's going on in the world, website listings, networking pages, shops and events.  Great place to list your group or event.


Raymond Buckland  "Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft" is probably the most well known and widely read book on Wicca.  Visit Raymond's website to keep up to date on events and new releases.

Z Budapest Internet home of Z Budapest, feminist author of "The Holy Books of Women's Mysteries" and more.

Laurie Cabot Author Laurie Cabot helped to bring understanding of what Witches really are like, back when many of us were still afraid to come out of the broom closet.

Sharon Caulder, Ph.D., Voodoo High Priestess and author of "Mark of Voodoo: Awakening To My African Spiritual Heritage."  We had the pleasure of hosting Sharon at the shop in April '02, everyone who attended can tell you what a wonderful experience it was to hear her story first hand, and gain some remarkable insight into African Voodoo.

Phyllis Curott NY author of "Book of Shadows" and "Witchcrafting", we were happy to host Phyllis at the shop in October 2002, and hope she will come back in the future! 

Cassandra Eason UK author Cassandra Eason, who has written so many lovely books. We hope to have her at the shop in the near future! 

Janet and Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone UK based authors Janet and Stewart (who recently passed into the Summerlands) Farrar and Gavin Bone. We have hosted Janet and Gavin at the shop twice, and plan to present some intensive workshops with them in 2006, so be sure to get on our email list!

Brian Froud Here is the website for artist Brian Froud and his wife Wendy. Brian is best known for his "Good Faeries, Bad Faeries" book, and more recently the wonderful "Faeries Oracle."

Gerald Gardner  A website devoted to the founder of Gardnerian Wicca.

Raven Grimassi Website of Raven Grimassi, author or the newly updated and revised "Italian Witchcraft" (formerly titled "Ways of the Strega") as well as "The Encyclopedia of Wicca and Witchcraft" (Oct 2000). We had the pleasure of hosting Raven and his lovely assistant in Oct of 1999 -- if you ever get a chance to hear him lecture, go!

Elen Hawke  Web home of British author of "In the Circle" and "The Sacred Round." Check out the gorgeous pictures of Elen's new Tarot deck!

Fiona Horne Australian author of the book "Witch, A Magickal Journey." We had the pleasure of hosting Fiona when she visited NYC Jan 2001, and we hope to have her back!  

Judika Illes Local author of "Earth Mother Magic" and the newly released "Emergency Magic".  We are happy to present a workshop and book signing with Judika in January 2003!

Konstantinos Author of several interesting books including "Vampires; the Occult Truth", "Summoning Spirits" and the newly released "Contact the Other Side." Konstantinos hosted the first online seance on his site!

Patricia Monaghan We love it when Patricia comes to visit! Patricia Monaghan is one of the early leaders of the contemporary Goddess movement. I am looking forward to her forthcoming release "Wild Girls" a book of Goddesses for girls.

Dorothy Morrison  This is Dorothy's internet home.  We had a great time when Dorothy visited us in March '01, and hope she will come back to see us real soon! 

Christopher Penzcak  Christopher is the author of the "Inner Temple of Witchcraft" series of books, as well as "Gay Witchcraft", and more to come! We had a great time when Christopher came to present a workshop in June '03, and hope to have him come again. Also check out Magical Activism, a project Christopher has put together.

Silver RavenWolf Website of popular author Silver RavenWolf. Loads of information for beginners, seasonal rituals and magick, as well as updates on forthcoming books and events. We have hosted Silver and her wonderful husband Mick many times, and plan to bring her in again in 2001. When Silver leads a ritual, it is filled with laughter, love and magick! If you get a chance to participate in one of her seminars, make sure you do -- you won't be sorry!

Lexa Rosean "Supermarket Sorceress", "Easy Enchantments", and "Zodiac Spells" are among Lexa's popular titles.  Check out Lexa at Morgana's Chamber, click here.

Maxine Sanders No introduction needed... if you don't know who she is-- go read. Now.

Maggie Shayne Maggie is a Romance writer and Witch. Her "Infinity", "Eternity" and "Destiny" are all about time travel, romance and witches! Maggie also has a witchy page, just follow the links.

Doreen Valiente Doreen Valiente, a craft legend who passed to the Summerlands late 1999. This site is devoted to bringing her unpublished poetry to the public.

Richard Webster A sweet, very interesting author we had the pleasure of hosting at the shop in June 2000.

Marion Weinstein This is the cyber home of local author Marion Weinstein, NY Witch. Her books "Positive Magic" and "Earth Magic" are classic! Be sure to check out the free download of "Magic for Peace" while you are there.

Robin Wood Artist and author. Cool site with great graphics by Robin Wood, artist and author responsible for one of our best selling tarot decks, "The Robin Wood Tarot."

Other Fun Stuff...

Atlantis Bookshop When you are in London you must visit... Just steps from the British Museum, this quaint little shop always turns up the most interesting finds! Often you can find out information about what Pagan happenings are going on in London at this shop.  They also host events and workshops.

Barbara Taylor  Website of my close friend, photographer Barbara Taylor.  Also check out her photographs at the Max's Kansas City auction:

Breast Cancer Site Every click is a donation, without cost to you! Bookmark this site and click every day.he he While there, click on the Hunger, Child Health, Rainforest, and Animal Rescue sites.

Capall Bann Publishing British publisher that has many titles of interest to Pagans.

Circle Sanctuary Home of Circle Sanctuary, Circle Magazine, and more. Founded by Selena Fox in the '70's.

Connections Journal Pagan magazine.

Datura Press Home of the "Tarot Tip Sheet" (Tell 'em Morgana sent ya!)

Ebay Occasionally we offer rarities on Ebay so our international customers can join in on the fun!

Elvendrums A  band of elves! Children as well as adults love this band. This is the way Pagan music should sound -- tribal, witty, soulful, fun, spellbinding! Download clips and listen: You'll be elven too!

Enchante The Journal for the Urbane Pagan.

Fairyland Trust  A ecological organization with an interesting twist!

Healing with Crystals A great online resource with listings of crystals and their meanings.

Knitty I love to knit, and here is one of my favourite online magazines. Loads of gorgeous patterns and helpful articles.

Lisa Iris  Website of visionary artist Lisa Iris.  Lisa is the artist who created the "Cauldron of Transformation" picture on our "Enter" page.  Her beautiful cover art graces "To Ride a Silver Broomstick" and "To Light a Sacred Flame" by Silver RavenWolf, as well as the"Moon Goddess" CD by Medwyn Goodall.  Her website is beautiful, and we will be carrying her cards and prints in the future!

Llewellyn Publications Home of Llewellyn books.

Magical Activism  A site well-worth checking out. We can indeed put our heads together and create positive change in the world!

Manic Panic  Tish and Snooky have been close friends of mine for ages!  These women ROCK!

Museum of Witchcraft The Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle, Cornwall.

"Music, Magic, Mountains & Kids on an Island in the Sun" This is a very good friend of mine who lives on the enchanted island of Mallorca, Spain. 

Nature's Magick An online resource and shop in New Zealand.

New Moon Rising, A Magickal Pagan Journal Web version of this Pagan magazine

Pagan Travel Cruises Interesting site with "Witch and Famous" cruises featuring Pagan community authors.

Planetary Hour Calculator Takes the guess work out of calculating planetary hours for spell work.

Postcode Plants Database If you live in the UK, you can put in your postcode and see what plants are native to your area!

RavenMyst Circle  Some good friends and their quickly growing, new tradition of Wicca.

Sagewoman Magazine Sagewoman is a magazine devoted to the Goddess and put out by women.

Samuel Weiser, Inc. Home of Weiser books.

Serpentine Music This is a great resource for Pagan music of all kinds. The owner co-wrote "Circle Round; Raising Children in Goddess Traditions" with Starhawk. She is also responsible for "Cirlce Round", a wonderful, fun CD for children and adults alike!

The Tarot School  Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone run this New York City based school for Tarot studies, which includes correspondence courses and more.  Ruth Ann and Wald are also the authors of "Tarot Tips" published by Llewellyn Publications.

Treadwells A book shop in London that also runs some very interesting classes and events.

Wacky Jac I can't tell you how much I love these guys... We carry their cool tees, knickers, and more! Sacred sexuality with a sense of humour! Check out "Get Sexy" and "Glamour Puss" incense, made exclusively for Wacky Jac by Morgana!

Watkins Books, Ltd.  A lovely occult book shop tucked away on a side street in London's West End. They have a wide selection of subjects as well as a good selection of used books. 

Wendy Rule If you haven't heard Wendy, you should. Now. She is an amazing performer, with a magnificent voice. We had the pleasure of hosting her at the shop in Sept. '04, and carry her CD's. We hope she will come to visit again next time she is in NYC!

Whitehorse Dreams UK  Great resource for dream work.  Lots of other interesting articles to peruse!

Witch Eye  Witch Eye is an occasional paper zine full of art, lore & discussion inspired and/or informed by the Feri/Faerie/Faery tradition of Witchcraft, meaning various permutations of the tradition passed down by Victor & Cora Anderson.

Witch Way Graphics  These graphics are beautiful, and free! We often use some of the images to enhance our site, check out the main site for some inspiration!

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