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Herbs and Resins

Check our LOW prices!

At Morgana's Chamber we provide you with a great selection of magickal roots and herbs. You won't find many culinary herbs in our selection, our focus is to bring you the harder to find magickal herbs such as "High John the Conqueror", "Jezebel Root", "Mandrake", "Dragon's Blood Resin", and "Soloman's Seal". Our herbs come to you pre-packaged in easy to store plastic zip bags. (Please note, you will also find our resins listed on our "Incense" page.)

To insure freshness, we purchase in small quantities, making frequent orders. Our herbs donít sit in a jar on a dusty shelf!

Be sure to check out our selection of organic fresh herbs, available seasonally. Call the shop for availability.

Herbs come pre-packaged, usually in a one ounce size. See chart below for details.

Herbs are sold for magickal use only. DO NOT INGEST!  Remember to use care when handling herbs if you have allergies, are pregnant or planning to be, or if you are nursing. Remember, many modern drugs are herb derived and please use common sense when working with them.  Please keep all herbs out of the reach of children and animals.  

For further reading on the subject and use of magickal herbs check out Morgana's recommended titles:

A Compendium of Magickal Herbs by Paul Beyryl

Bud, Blossom and Leaf by Dorothy Morrison

Cunninghamís Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs by Scott Cunningham

Herb Craft by Anna Franklin and Susan Lavender

To Order, call us at: 212.243.3415 during business hours (see below) or email for more information.  We are diligently working to get our site operational for online ordering, and hope to have it running soon! 



Price / Amount

Absinthe (see Wormwood)

Acacia (Gum Arabic Powder)

$2.75  1 oz.

Adam and Eve Root

$3.75 per pair


$1.50  1 oz.

Althea (see Marshmallow)


$2.50  1 oz.

Balm of Gilead

$3.50  1 oz.

Bayberry Bark

$4.50  1 oz.

Benzoin Powder

$4.00 1 oz.

Beth Root (see Southern John)


Blessed Thistle

$1.50 1 oz.


$4.50  1 oz.


$2.25 1 oz.


2 for $1.00


$2.50  1 oz.

Calamus Root

$2.50  1 oz.

Camphor Gum

$2.75  1 oz.


$2.50 1 oz.

Cedar Chips

$1.50  1 oz.

Chamomile Flowers

$2.25  1 oz.

Cinquefoil (Five Finger Grass)

$2.25  1 oz.

Cohosh (black)

$2.75   1 oz.

Cohosh (Blue)

$2.75  1 oz.


$2.00 1 oz.

Copal Resin

$2.00  1 oz.


$1.75 1 oz.


$6.50 1oz.

Devil’s Claw $3.50 1 oz.

Devilís Shoestring

$4.75  1 oz.

Dragonís Blood Resin

$3.75  Ĺ oz.

Elder Berries

$2.25  1 oz.

Elder Flowers

$2.50  1 oz.

Eucalyptus Leaf

$2.00  1oz.

Five Finger Grass (see Cinquefoil)

Frankincense Resin

$3.50  1 oz.

Galangal Root (Lo John)

$2.25  1 oz.

Grains of Paradise $3.75 1 oz.

Gum Arabic (see Acacia)

Hawthorn Berries

$3.00  1 oz.

Hibiscus Flowers

$3.00  1 oz.

High John Root (whole)

$9.00  each

Honeysuckle Flowers

$4.75 1 oz.


$2.00 1 oz.


$2.25  1 oz.


$2.25 1 oz.

Irish Moss

$2.25  1 oz.

Jasmine Flowers

$3.75 1 oz.

Jezebel Root $5.00 1 oz.

Jobís Tears

$3.00 1 oz.

Juniper Berries

$2.00 1 oz.

Kava kava

$4.75  1 oz.

Ladyís Mantle

$3.75 1 oz.


$2.75 1 oz.

Lemon Verbena

$3.75 1 oz.

Linden Flowers

$3.75 1 oz.

Lobelia  $3.75 1 oz.
Lucky Hand Root $2.75 each

Maidenhair Fern

$3.75 1 oz.

Mandrake Root

$3.75 1 oz.

Marshmallow (Althea)

$2.50 1 oz.


$2.50 1 oz.


$2.25 1 oz.


$2.25 1 0z.


$2.25 1 oz.


$3.25 1 oz.

Myrtle Leaf (whole)

$3.75 1 oz.

Nettles Leaf

$2.25 1 oz.

Nutmeg (Whole)

$2.00 1 oz.

Oak Bark (white)

$2.50  1 oz. 


$2.75  1 oz.

Orris Root Powder $3.75 1 oz.

Orris Root Whole (organic)

$2.00 each

Passion Flowers 

$2.50 1 oz.

Patchouli Leaf

$3.75 1 oz.


$3.75 1 oz.

Pine Chips

$2.00 1 oz.

Primrose Flowers

$5.00 1 oz.

Red Clover

$2.50 1 oz.

Red Rose Buds and Petals

$2.25 1 oz.

Rose Hips

$1.75 1 oz.

Rose of Jericho

$3.00 each


$2.75  1 oz.

Saint john's Wort

$3.75 1 oz.

Sandalwood Chips (Red)

$4.25  1 oz.

Sandalwood Powder (Red)

$4.25 1 oz.

Sarsparilla Root

$3.50  1 oz.

Sassafras  Root Bark

$4.25  1 oz.


$4.75  1 oz.

Sea Salt (Coarse)

$3.50 1 pound

Snakeroot $4.00 1 oz.

Solomon's Seal root

$3.50  1 oz.

Squill Root $5.50 1 oz.

Tonka Beans

5 for $1.00

Uva Ursi (Bearberry)

$2.25 1 oz. 


$2.00 1 oz.

Wild Cherry Bark

$2.00  1 oz.

Willow Bark (white)

$2.50  1 oz.

Witch Hazel Bark

$2.75  1 oz.


$2.00 1 oz.


$2.25 1 oz

Yellow Dock root 

$2.25  1 oz.

Herbal Spells are available in the following mixtures: Banishing, Healing, Love, Money Drawing, Protection, Purification.  $5 for a half ounce, comes with a FREE muslin charm bag.  Information on Morgana's custom-blends can be found here.

Smudge Sticks

Natural White Sage Smudge Sticks

 Small: $3.00, Large: $6.00 (Sorry, medium size unavailable.)


Charcoal can also be used with incense.

IC3310: Charcoal 33mm Roll of 10 Disks Price: $4.00
Foil package of 10 charcoal tablets. Long-burning, easy lighting charcoal tablets from England.  Packaged in foil tubes, well sealed against moisture & dust.  


Cauldrons are commonly used to burn and brew herbs.  Find our cauldron selection here.

If would like a custom prepared spell, suited to your direct needs, consider a Spell Consultation with Morgana.  Click here for details.

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