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The Pentagram Altar Plate, Mystic Seal and The Pentagram Oracle Glass Board all use the latest technology in polyester glass coatings with excellent weatherability, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance. The finish is baked onto the glass in a huge $80,000 oven. Actual metal powders are used to produce the pewter and copper finishes.

Pentagram Altar Plate Actual Copper CS100 $50.00

Mystic Seal Actual Copper and Pewter MS100  $ 36.00

Key Rings

Celtic Charm Key Ring KCC $5.00

Pentagram Charm Key Ring
KCP $5.00

Celtic Scrying Mirror 8" square SM 100  $ 30.00

Triple Moon Scrying Mirror 12" beveled round SM 200 $ 60.00

Triple Moon Scrying Mirror 11" X 14" polished edges SM 300  $ 50.00

Goddess Scrying Mirror 8" square SM 400 $ 36.00

1000 ----YES/NO CHART The basic "How To" for using your pendulum.

C100SP   $16.00 Silver

C100BP   $16.00 Brass

Pentagram Key Fob FOB   $ 2.00

Pentagram Oracle Kit 
------(pocket size)

Kit includes:



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